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Michael Coates michael.coates at owasp.org
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Here is an update on the RSA issue.

Thanks to the community

I saw many great discussions on this topic. I'm excited to see us tackle
tough issues and work to raise the different points of consideration. I
also really liked the creation of the community poll to capture the "pulse"
of the community. Please continue to innovate and tackle tough issues.

Original agreement

The OWASP foundation entered a contractual co-marketing agreement with RSA
in mid December. Each group would promote each other and this would provide
mutual benefits. The details of the agreement are here:


The terms of the agreement went into effect on Monday, January 6. In other
words, for OWASP to hold up our end of the agreement we were supposed to
begin promotion as agreed on Monday, Jan 6.

Co-Marketing at OWASP

This is something we've done many times in the past and it has provide
benefits for OWASP and raised awareness for our cause.

RSA Concerns

Concerns and questions were presented as to whether OWASP should be
participating with RSA given the concerning allegations around influencing
crypto. This issue was discussed on the leaders list (
and also led to our first community poll created by Simon Bennetts (

Elements of the Issue

Should OWASP participate at all?

Should OWASP cancel the co-marketing agreement?

Should OWASP attempt to offer the training and cancel the rest of the
co-marketing agreement?

Should OWASP issue any sort of public statement?

Board Vote

The board voted on the following:

*OWASP will terminate the co-marketing agreement with RSA for RSA 2014.*

*This may place our training at risk, but if permitted we will still
provide the free training at RSA and the OWASP speaking slot.*

Result: Vote Pass - 3 / 5 votes in favor

Vote Results:

Michael - Yes

Tom - No

Tobias - Yes

Fabio - No

Josh - Yes

Jim - abstain - Stated Conflict of Interest

Eoin - abstain - Stated Conflict of Interest

Next Steps

Sarah Baso is working with RSA to rely our cancellation of the co-marketing
agreement. She is also working to determine if it is still possible for us
to offer the training at the event. We’ll update everyone when we know more.


Michael Coates
Chairman of OWASP Board
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