[Owasp-leaders] [REQUEST] Help save the OWASP wiki

Matt Tesauro matt.tesauro at owasp.org
Tue Feb 25 00:44:20 UTC 2014

*That seemed like it would get a better response that "Will work for wiki"*

I've been in the process of getting the wiki updated from where it was -
running an end of support version of MediaWiki - to the latest stable
version.  We're currently at 1.19.11 - the LTS version of MediaWiki in

There's two more steps left to get to latest, a move to 1.21.x and then
1.22.x. [1]

I've got a clone of the wiki running the 1.21.5 at

*My ask: Log in, browse around, edit a page or two and basically confirm
there are no issues with the 1.21.5 version.*

*NOTE: *Don't add significant content to update-wiki.owasp.org as the
database will be deleted after the Quality Assurance (QA) is over.  Your
production logins will work on update-wiki.owasp.org

There's a ton of code changes between 1.91.11 and 1.21.5 (I did the diff)
so I'm not eager to push this to production without some QA.  That's where
the members of this list can really help OWASP (and me).

If you find issues with update-wiki.owasp.org, send them to me with an
email subject starting with "Wiki update issue" so I can address them.

If there are no reports of issues by March 2nd, I'm going to update
production to 1.21.5 very early in the AM on Sunday, March 2nd - that's the
US Central Time zone, GMT -6 aka Texas time.

I'll repeat this procedure for the 1.22.x update next.  Special Bonus:
Akamai CDN service is also in the works and a couple of weeks away from
being turned on for production.

For those with queued up IT requests, I'll get to those now that this is
done. ; )


Background for the curious:  Here's a high level overview of what's
happened with the wiki over the ~ 8 months year:

   1. Started with the wiki running 1.18.x in production and a partially
   modified/updated version on another server by a contractor who walked away
   from the upgrade work.
   2. Did a 3 way merge between the 1.18.x production source, the 1.18.x
   contractor's source and the pristine 1.18.x source.
   3. After getting that 3 way merge done and handling some changes OWASP
   made to upstream source, I got a working version of 1.18.x which could
   easily be updated to 1.19.x
   4.  Updated the Wiki to 1.19.x version
   5. Reviewed and updated the 55+ MediaWiki extensions installed on the
   6. Migrated the wiki from Rackspace public cloud host to a Rackspace
   managed cloud host to gain 24x7 monitoring and more
   7. Resized the cloud server up after performance issues arose due to the
   logos and the home page + caching directive changes in the 1.19.x code
   8. Did several security updates to the 1.19.x running in production.
   9. Setup the clone at update-wiki.owasp.org and sent this email

[1] Yes, there's not a 1.20.x version available. Go figure.


-- Matt Tesauro
OWASP WTE Project Lead
http://AppSecLive.org - Community and Download site
OWASP OpenStack Security Project Lead
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