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Hi everyone,

Re: wiki's -

At IEEE Cluster last summer:

At This Workshop:

Really liked:
"Structured Participation Toolkit: An Enabler for Knowledge Production in
Science Gateways" by Mary Roderick and Timothy Nyerges (U of Washington)


But haven't had time to evaluate or implement - too busy, so just sharing
FYI, can't really vouch for it, but I like the concepts applied to wikis in
knowledge organizations, transparency, etc.


On Fri, Feb 14, 2014 at 12:45 PM, Michael Coates
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> Leaders,
> Let's stroll down analogy lane for a moment. I'll start with comparing a
> wiki to a garden. A wiki gives many ideas a place to grow. But without a
> gardener, or several gardeners, the plants(ideas) can grow out of control.
> While there may be many beautiful flowers in the garden, they are in an
> obscure mess and may look like an wild jungle from anyone that views the
> garden from several feet away.
> Following this (bad?) analogy I'd like to suggest the following:
> We establish a group of interested volunteers to help maintain the order
> and structural quality of the owasp wiki. This is very similar to the idea
> of power users in wikipedia. This group is striving for order and clarity
> of our information data source.
> What does this mean:
> 1. We have a group that helps promote best practices for creating wiki
> pages on the owasp wiki. This will maximize use of categories, cross
> referencing & linking, etc
> 2. This group can help identify dead pages, old pages, duplicate content,
> etc
> 3. This group establishes best practices for what makes a good wiki pages
> (e.g. links to academic sources, research, accordance to owasp principles,
> etc)
> Note: This group would have no impact on the ability for people to edit
> pages. Nothing would change there.
> Requests from this group:
> 1. Update the wiki editing guidelines
> 2. Establish regular communication amongst your group on how to increase
> the order and quality of the structure of the owasp wiki
> 3. Communicate this concepts out to the leaders and to new contributors to
> owasp
> 4. Create ways of "tending the garden" so our wiki does not get out of
> control
> I'll post this info to the owasp global initiatives soon, but I first
> wanted to get the idea out for discussion.
> Thoughts? Anyone interested?
> --
> Michael Coates
> @_mwc
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