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Michael Coates michael.coates at owasp.org
Fri Feb 14 17:45:53 UTC 2014


Let's stroll down analogy lane for a moment. I'll start with comparing a
wiki to a garden. A wiki gives many ideas a place to grow. But without a
gardener, or several gardeners, the plants(ideas) can grow out of control.
While there may be many beautiful flowers in the garden, they are in an
obscure mess and may look like an wild jungle from anyone that views the
garden from several feet away.

Following this (bad?) analogy I'd like to suggest the following:

We establish a group of interested volunteers to help maintain the order
and structural quality of the owasp wiki. This is very similar to the idea
of power users in wikipedia. This group is striving for order and clarity
of our information data source.

What does this mean:
1. We have a group that helps promote best practices for creating wiki
pages on the owasp wiki. This will maximize use of categories, cross
referencing & linking, etc
2. This group can help identify dead pages, old pages, duplicate content,
3. This group establishes best practices for what makes a good wiki pages
(e.g. links to academic sources, research, accordance to owasp principles,
Note: This group would have no impact on the ability for people to edit
pages. Nothing would change there.

Requests from this group:
1. Update the wiki editing guidelines
2. Establish regular communication amongst your group on how to increase
the order and quality of the structure of the owasp wiki
3. Communicate this concepts out to the leaders and to new contributors to
4. Create ways of "tending the garden" so our wiki does not get out of

I'll post this info to the owasp global initiatives soon, but I first
wanted to get the idea out for discussion.

Thoughts? Anyone interested?

Michael Coates
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