[Owasp-leaders] Looking for iGoat help!

Jim Manico jim.manico at owasp.org
Mon Feb 10 11:41:15 UTC 2014


Are you an objective C programmer? The OWASP iGoat project lead by Ken 
van Wyk is looking for help!


The short-term need for OWASP iGoat basic code maintenance. There are a 
couple of deprecated (in iOS 7) methods that are used in OWASP iGoat. We 
need a dev to read through those (2 instances) and decide how to replace 
them. Next, there are a BUNCH of presentation layer things that changed 
in iOS 7. Buttons and such that used to look fine now look horrible. 
That’s pretty light weight code slinging, but needs to be done.

The project is also looking for a dev lead to help implement a couple 
new exercises. Ken has a few exercises story-boarded out and needs 
someone to help with that coding. For example, one MUCH needed new 
exercise is one that illustrates how to use the Data Protection API 

Please drop Ken a line if you or someone you know is interested. 
ken at krvw.com


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