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Jerry Hoff jerry at owasp.org
Sun Feb 2 14:08:40 UTC 2014

Hello OWASP Leaders,

I have an idea for training events moving forward.  Currently for training events, OWASP gets a percentage of the training revenue and the instructor gets a percentage of the training revenue.  However, there are many instructors (myself included) who would rather not be compensated for training at OWASP events.

Therefore, I suggest we have an option where the instructor can donate their proceeds to a specific OWASP chapter or project. It would be great if that was advertised as part of the class (i.e. "proceeds for this class will be donated to fund the ZAP project", or "proceeds for this class will go towards GoatDroid", etc… )

The obvious response to this is "well, then just donate the money" - however, I would like to have it all done within OWASP itself, without me having to be involved handling the money at all.

This would allow OWASP instructors and participants to vote with their currency.  Personally, if I was on the fence about a particular project, and found out the instructor was going to donate the proceed to reviving OWASP CAL9000, that would push me towards signing up.


Jerry Hoff
jerry at owasp.org

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