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John Patrick Lita john.patrick.lita at owasp.org
Thu Dec 4 15:53:01 UTC 2014

Hello Leaders!

being the new chapter leader of OWASP Manila im thinking a lot of projects,
Im planing to put an R & D here in our country,but this is impossible for
now that's why i need to reserve the R&D in the future project.

Now im planing to build an OWASP Student Ambassador, and i need the support
of the OWASP Foundation Leaders and Directors. With this project we can
easily approach any students and train them as a future leaders of OWASP.

Who can Join Any students who is Passionate in Web Application Security and
OWASP Education.

Reason to join.

1. the Student can be a leader in the school
2. Learn New Skills
3.Earn Recognition from your school and OWASP Foundation
4.They can Learn Marketing, Business etc...
5."Potential OWASP Intern" (Approval from our leaders and Directors)
6.They can Work with Global Community
7.Receive bunch of cool rewards (SWAGS)
8.they can Receive books from OWASP Foundation

Task of OWASP Student Ambassador
Student Ambassador will:
1.Promote OWASP Education
2.Promte OWASP Products/ Open-source
3.they will be a Web App Sec Educator
4.Promote openess/OpenSource
5.Innovation and opportunity on the web
6.ambassadors will help to secure or Cyber Space
7.Educate other what is OWASP
8.To be Continue ---- other task will follow "After Approval of the
leaders/directors '

Promoting Voluntary work and dedicated defenders of the Web! OWASP Student
Ambassador lead campaigns and projects at their
colleges and in their communities to encourage others to contribute to
the OWASP mission and utilize OWASP products.
OWASP Student Ambassadors ware educators and strives to keep our web safe

Thank you!
Advance Merry Christmas to all
Belated Happy Thanks giving day!

Best Regrads
John Patrick Lita
*Chapter Leader OWASP Manila*
FB Page @OwaspManila <https://www.facebook.com/OwaspManila>
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