[Owasp-leaders] New OWASP Citation

Tom Brennan tomb at owasp.org
Wed Aug 27 01:20:54 UTC 2014

Acquisition & Outsourcing Working Group has issued a citation for
another OWASP Project

The Software Assurance (SwA) Acquisition and Outsourcing working group
is composed of members from industry, government, and academia. Its
mission is to inform acquirers about risks in the software supply
chain and how to incorporate software assurance considerations in
decisions associated with procuring software or acquiring and
outsourcing software products and services. The objective is to apply
a risk-based approach when acquiring, purchasing, or outsourcing
software and related services so that software is more resistant to
attack, has fewer exploitable vulnerabilities, and minimizes
operational risks.


The OWASP RFQ Criteria project:

Tom Brennan

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