[Owasp-leaders] Code Review Guide Project 2.0

Larry Conklin larry.conklin at owasp.org
Sun Sep 22 03:13:53 UTC 2013

Hi all, We are making progress on the Code Review Guide Project 2.0 but we
still have plenty of road ahead of us before we are done.  I am looking for
content in two sections, Methodology and sub section Deployment Models. Two
items have open slots for authors...

1. Preparation and context Author – *Open*

*2. *Code review Coverage Author – *Open*

*The other sections we need help in getting the content complete. If you
can help please visit the Table of Contents and add your name. Remember
this is not a sole author endeavor but a community project. *


Larry Conklin


   - The code review approach Author - Prathamesh Mhatre
   - Preparation and context Author – *Open*
   - Application Threat Modeling Author - Andy, Renchie Joan
   - Understanding Code layout/Design/Architecture Aurthor Author - Ashish
   - SDLC Integration Andy, Ashish Rao

*Deployment Models*

   - Secure deployment configurations Author - Ashish Rao
   - Metrics and code review Author – Andy
   - Source and sink reviews Author - Ashish Rao
   - Code review Coverage Author – *Open*
   - Design Reviews Author - Ashish Rao
   - A Risk based approach to code review Author - Renchie Joan
   - Code reviews and Compliance Author -Manual Harti
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