[Owasp-leaders] Tahoe-LAFS setup on HIVE

Jason Johnson jason.johnson at owasp.org
Thu Sep 19 12:36:50 UTC 2013

I am not sure if any of you have heard of Tahoe-Lafs. Its a secure storage
idea. I have set the HIVE project up with it and I think this could be used
for so much more.

Www.Netgreen.us is the tahoe front end. Every part of the hive is in the
grid. Basically you upload a file if a node gets hacked big deal... bits of
your file are still out in the grid. Best part is they are hashed and
encrypted. If you would like more info about tahoe its at
www.tahoe-lafs.orgso far I have been testing it and it makes a perfect
dropin anonymously
secure storage wonderland.

Jason Johnson
Oklahoma City, OK
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