[Owasp-leaders] Global Chapter Meetups [September 2013 Edition]

Yvan Boily yvanboily at gmail.com
Tue Sep 17 08:47:40 UTC 2013

Hi OWASP Leaders,

Last night we had our 2nd online chapter meetup, the first official Global
Chapter Meetup (officially Global because it was on a different Continent,
and featured more than one language!)

Sebastien Gioria and Ludovic Petit from the OWASP France chapter helped
arrange the meeting hosted at Mozilla Paris office, and using the shiny new
OWASP Media project owned Youtube/Google+ page, we were able to livestream
and record the session.

The chapter meeting had approximately 40 people present, and featured Paul
Theriault of the Mozilla Security team providing an overview of the Firefox
OS security model.

I can't even begin to communicate how exciting it was to see this come off
so well, and I really look forward to working with Tom Brennan and Jim
Manico to make the OWASP New York our next global chapter meeting in
October, and the London chapter in November!

If you are interested in hosting a global chapter meetup, or working to get
your chapter meeting streamed, I am happy to help and work with Jonathon
and help identify local sources for renting the hardware needed!

Finally, a huge thanks to Jonathon Marcil for kicking off the OWSAP Media
project and getting the Youtube Channel & OWASP Google+ page up and
running, and the OWASP France crew for sharing their meeting with us!

Yvan Boily
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