[Owasp-leaders] HIVE update

Jason Johnson jason.johnson at owasp.org
Mon Oct 7 20:22:50 UTC 2013


So the HIVE project has been moving along and I have had the grid up for
some time now. This project has developed into a capable PC with an
attitude. My goal starting out was to setup an environment that people
could test on and use for showing off whatever they wanted. The I thought
about what if I could connect these things together in a way that was both
secure and anonymous? TAHOE-LAFS came to mind but it did not really work
well because the more nodes added would crush the GRID and the time to
failure rate was very high. So I looked at setting up a powerful introducer
(momma node). The same result more nodes but over time failure. The
addition of helpers made this better because they could take some of the
load off the other nodes and the introducer could breath. Now the
beaglebones or raspberry pi's can all use the grid in a endless idea of
storage security goodness.

I am making a presentation about the hive and how it works also ways it can
benefit us OWASP people and others in endless ways. So; not only is this
open and connected. It is secure in a immutable twisted sort of way. As of
now the Grid that is stood up is my test grid using 8 Beaglebone Blacks as
storage and a small blade server acting as the introducer.

http://www.netgreen.us/page/grid-status (the project page/grid status)

https://tahoe.netgreen.us (running tahoe 1.9 new clients would have 1.10 )

My thought was to have a OWASP GRID I have a feeling that my test grid can
not handle many more clients. The grid consists of one Introducer, some
helpers and X amount of storage servers with space.

https://tahoe.netgreen.us/storage (test grid stats)

I am curious if OWASP has the ability to stand up some Debian Wheezy
servers or the like, for such efforts?

Let me know what you think.

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