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johanna curiel curiel johanna.curiel at owasp.org
Mon Oct 7 14:19:12 UTC 2013

HI Leaders

I saw that WhiteHat and Orbitz are or were(?) sponsors of this project

If you are still interested in sponsoring, Tom Brennan has joined the
project too & I will be programming the tool. It has been redefined as the

*The OWASP PCI toolkit* is a group of new and existing OWASP tools &
Documentation that will provide organizations full support for the PCI
compliance process, from scoping to implementation.

The Toolkit consist of:

*OWASP PCI Scope Assessment module (WPF .NET app)* this tool will allow
organizations to create a full assessment scope. Based on the Open PCI DSS
Scoping Toolkit Document, the tool will allow organizations to create a
total report assessment, by providing the user with a complete analysis
mechanism to all (inserted) system components

*OWASP PCI assessment criteria module **(WPF .NET app)*once the scoping
process has been finalized, the Assessment criteria toolkit will provide
you with a complete analysis of the defined system components, based on the
areas where the systems belong to. Example: A proxy server (Category 1)
falls under the "Build and maintain a secure Network" requirements

The tool will deliver also, clear links and resources of existing OWASP
tools and Documentation while applying the PCI testing procedures.

*Technical Info*

The tool will be built as a WPF-.NET (c#) program

For more info, please contact me


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