[Owasp-leaders] ByWaf Beta Release

Rafael Gil rafael.gillarios at owasp.org
Fri Nov 15 06:00:25 UTC 2013

Hi Leaders:

My team is glad to present to you the Bywaf framework.  ByWaf is not just a
small tool or plugin or script, but a new way to integrate, create and
improve more tools all in a single user-friendly, command-line environment.

This framework may look like metasploit at first sight but is not, this is
different in the following aspects:

   - It is friendly with the end-user; it is made thinking that not all the
   end-users are experts in developing, scripting, etc. You can use “TAB” in
   every place into the framework, you just need to use your common sense.

   - ByWaf allows you to share information between plugins, so you can use
   a plugin to enumerate all the input fields, then the results are stored in
   a data base you can use another plugin that injects java script into those
   fields, with this you don’t need to export or save or edit all the
   information ByWaf will do it for you.

   - And more.

We are releasing our Beta, there is a long way to archive our goal but I
hope some of you get involved at this project as well.

You can find more information at:



Rafael Gil
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