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Johanna Curiel Curiel
Those links seem to take you to an initiative that occurred in the past.


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Subject: [Owasp-leaders] Documentation for Owasp projects - Google Doc camp 2014
Date: Thu, Nov 14, 2013 22:32

Hi All

The objective of this initiative is to get selected by Google Doc camp next year

Google Doc-camp occurs every year (October), and if we would like to have an opportunity to get sponsored we need to think thoroughly a process, from writing till getting the documentation to the target public (this is a tip I got from someone during the Gsoc mentor summit).

Projects that will be considered:
-Projects in desperate need of documentation (manuals, how to )
-Projects without enough funding for production or distribution
-Projects which at least are in incubator phase, active and with a clear road map 

If you would like to participate , contact me. The idea is to start setting a  plan for authoring till distribution

My contribution will be design and helping you out to set a clear plan. I can set the manual or doc into Ibooks format and distributed through iTunes


Marketing guys that want to join us are more than welcome . 

The earlier , the better ;-P


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