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Michael Coates michael.coates at owasp.org
Tue May 28 18:15:20 UTC 2013

I've been watching feedback and thinking about this (John Wilander's)
question over the weekend.  A few thoughts:

- There is clearly area for us to expand to involve leaders in these
discussions. Board meetings have been open (and recorded)  meeting minutes
and agendas are posted, but we can do more to create areas where leaders
can participate in these discussions and also suggest new ideas.
You've already seen one change in this space - the restarting of the
governance list. And I expect there to be more us we continue to grow and

- Our posts, which were attempting to announce information and keep people
in the loop, were successful in some ways, and caused confusion in others.
Moving forward we need to be more crisp in these posts and explicit with
the information to avoid confusion.

- Some of our discussion involved honest HR related employee evaluations.
These discussions of course can include community feedback, but even an
open organization must recognize that some amount of HR related evaluation
occurs in a private setting. Striking the balance here is important.

In short, I'm encouraged that individuals have voiced concerns and areas
for improvement. We've already started moving in these directions and the
goal is to continue evolving OWASP and the governance structure to best
achieve our mission.

Please do join the governance list and keep exploring how we should
structure and grow OWASP. Looking forward to more discussions.
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