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Tobias tobias.gondrom at owasp.org
Fri May 24 19:39:36 UTC 2013

+1 to John.
Cheers, Tobias

Ps.: however, I would add the suggestion from Dinis' post: put the power
to fire staff back into the hands of the board.


On 24/05/13 20:33, John Wilander wrote:
> Hi guys!
> First I'd like to thank Dinis, Michael, and Jason for their overly
> kind words in a related thread with yours truly as topic. I love you
> guys! And OWASP.
> Now, regarding Sarah's appointment as executive director ...
> I feel the way the position and subsequent appointment was announced
> was odd. What's worse is that it's now hurting Sarah's position to do
> good for OWASP. Our executive director needs our mandate and she
> deserves it in my opinion.
> So I tried to think of a way for us to come together again. Here's my
> humble request.
> Maybe ... the board could agree/admit that having the position
> announcement and appointment only a few days apart was a mistake? If
> you guys think so that is. I just want less prestige around this issue
> and saying it was a mistake would settle the matter for me.
> If on the other hand the board doesn't agree it was a mistake I think
> we should discuss the process and leave Sarah out of it.
>    Regards, John
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> 24 maj 2013 kl. 21:08 skrev Yvan Boily <yvanboily at gmail.com
> <mailto:yvanboily at gmail.com>>:
>> Respectfully, for those who feel there is a clear need to change the
>> way OWASP is run, the board member election is coming up.  I realize
>> that not everyone can make the time commitment to become a board
>> member and fulfill the responsibilities (I certainly couldn't, and
>> neither could many of the OWASP members that I regularly interact with).
>> If you feel that change is needed, then start a discussion regarding
>> that explicitly within the community leaders list to identify
>> like-minded individuals, and engage those people in finding a board
>> candidate who will represent your vision and help build support for
>> that board member.
>> On Fri, May 24, 2013 at 11:46 AM, Matthew Parsons
>> <mparsons at parsonsisconsulting.com
>> <mailto:mparsons at parsonsisconsulting.com>> wrote:
>>     I have a 100 percent confidence in the abilities of Sarah Baso.  
>>     I think she is the right person for the job leading OWASP.  But,
>>     I have to agree with Dinis that the people, processes and
>>     procedures of the board was and is broken.   I and many others
>>     that I speak to, feel that the board acted in secret without
>>     transparency.   Something that is not good for a global
>>     application non profit security organization.  We can not change
>>     the past but we can change the future.  I view OWASP as a
>>     democratic organization, but with the recent actions of the OWASP
>>     top 10, the boards' decision for an executive director, the heart
>>     and soul of the members of OWASP were not included. I feel that
>>     few are in power and that it is almost like a good ol boys club.
>>       I just ask who made the decisions?  How was the decision made? 
>>     When, what where questions is what the members are dying to know.
>>     Are there any meeting minutes you can share with the members?  I
>>     feel that if these decisions by the board are openly discussed
>>     with members there would be less opposition to this decision and
>>     a larger democratic OWASP.  
>>     Thanks,
>>     Matt Parsons
>>     On Fri, May 24, 2013 at 1:05 PM, Michael Coates
>>     <michael.coates at owasp.org <mailto:michael.coates at owasp.org>> wrote:
>>         Leaders,
>>         I, with discussion and support from the rest of the board
>>         members, wanted to take a brief moment to reaffirm our
>>         confidence in the executive director role and with Sarah Baso
>>         specifically.
>>         Brief statement below.
>>         (Discussed and posted on behalf of OWASP Board)
>>         The elected board of directors of the OWASP Foundation stands
>>         behind its unanimous position to create an executive position
>>         role to oversee the business of OWASP Foundation. Such
>>         decisions are standard practice of global non-profits. The
>>         OWASP board nominated and unanimously voted to promote Sarah
>>         Baso from within to executive director.
>>         OWASP Foundation Board
>>         Michael, Sebastian, Dave, Eoin Jim, Tom
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