[Owasp-leaders] My views on Sarah's appointment

David (dmalloc) dmalloc at users.sourceforge.net
Fri May 24 15:17:43 UTC 2013

mparsons at parsonsisconsulting.com wrote:
> +1 Dinis 

I do not get the point of this thread nor the blog entry. If I was to
break out my Lean hat, I would consider this a waste.

We can argue the moral implications of the selection process for the
next few years and we would not find a consensus. As much as I think
Dinis wants to create an organization in Ricardo Semmlers image, I also
know that his success was probably a statistical outlier. Otherwise
there would be thousands of organizations right now where everyone is
equal and all is done by consent.

I wish you luck in that endevour, Dinis I applaud your passion and vigour.

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