[Owasp-leaders] OKC KICKOFF Meeting

Jason Johnson jason.johnson at owasp.org
Thu May 16 16:05:45 UTC 2013


  Thank you for coming to the 404, thank you for taking the time out of
your evening. I also was surprised at the level of interest via the hive
project and code review project. I know it was playoff day and everyone was
Thundering up maybe next time I will have the score up at the 404...

If anyone wants to contribute to any of the projects we introduced at the
kickoff meeting please please please do this is how good projects become
great ones. I learned that having a HIVE accessible via the Internet is a
good idea. Thanks to all of you interested in OWASP set those ideas in
motion. I love that I get to talk about projects and application security
to "owaspians", everyday it reminds me of how passionate people become
about things that matter. Our meeting will only get better and better, one
wasp can sting pretty hard but put that into a hive its a deadly force. I
love this foundation and everything it stands for.[?]

I included the leaders list in case anyone had some input. I also wanted to
bring up an opportunity that was presented to me on a RANT I wrote to
OPNET. If you do not know what OPNET is its a performance review set of
tools that can analyse application performance and almost every time there
is a performance issue its centered around a security concern of some kind.
So I wrote a paper to them called turning code upside down on the
importance of data being synced and on time metric gathering. This is
for OPNETWORK 2013 hence my interest in the code review project.If anyone
has something similar in nature I would like to hear about it before I get
started on the draft briefing.

Thank you everyone for attending.


Here is the links for the OWASP Hive project if you want on the list.

Here is the code review project also.

All the projects.
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