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Sarah Baso sarah.baso at owasp.org
Thu May 9 23:32:50 UTC 2013

John and John -
Thank you both for your amazing OWASP contributions and energy. The OWASP
Community has grown and benefited in so many ways thanks to your efforts.

I look forward to continuing to work with you both in other  capacities
(Project leader and contributor, conference attendees, volunteer ;-)

Sarah Baso

On Thu, May 9, 2013 at 3:45 PM, John Steven <John.Steven at owasp.org> wrote:

> John,
> As I've stated privately, I think you're provided an incredibly positive
> influence towards depth and quality. Thank you for the bar you set out
> there.
> I too have transferred leadership of the OWASP NoVA Chapter board: to Jack
> Mannino. Jeremy Long remains and is joined by Mike McCabe. From what I've
> seen of these guys already, they're going to do a great job.
> As I reflected on my time as Chapter Leader, a few key accomplishments and
> challenges stuck out in my mind. Of course, the Chapter Handbook<https://www.owasp.org/index.php/Category:Chapter_Handbook>helps but it can be daunting to use as a new chapter owner. Here are
> thoughts from my experience:
> [Towards Content & Quality]
> * Set yearly learning objectives based on actual and desired membership
> needs.
> * Plan speakers and topics towards learning objectives instead of
> available/well-known vendors.
> * If a single leader:
>     1) seek traction quickly,
>     2) establish a chapter board as soon as possible and,
>     3) groom a replacement.
> * Do not rely solely on the Speaker Agreement<https://www.owasp.org/index.php/Speaker_Agreement>
> .
>     * Allot about 6-8 hrs for speaker QA prior to the meeting. Start EARLY;
>     * Explicitly communicate a NO PITCH policy (slides, intros,
> sales/recruiting, etc.);
>     * Attend the meeting and ACTIVELY challenge BS; Kill pitching fast.
> * Don't take the fundamentals for granted. Remember to cycle back to key
> OWASP content/projects.
> * Seek out and gather non-vendors for leadership roles.
> [Push the Edges]
> * Spread focus: focus on coding and security Initiatives as well as
> vulnerability discovery.
> * Stretch OWASP rules (we explicitly brought a vendor in to offer free
> time on their tool). But:
>     * Announce it to the leader's list first;
>     * Foster and incorporate discussion about how to do it well;
>     * Plan for a lot more work when you stretch things;
>     * Debrief the chapter and leaders. Learn.
> * Invite your competitors. Where antagonistic, script content-based
> discussion focused on benefiting the audience.
> * Let go. You might be amazed at where the next leaders take your chapter.
> [Advertising & Growth]
> *  Use a variety of channels to drive awareness. Meetup has been extremely
> effective. Use the wiki, Twitter, Google's tools, and  physical means
> (posters, etc.)
> * Advertise multiple times beginning at least two (2) weeks in advance of
> the meeting.
> * Use changing (like increasingly specific teasers) for announcements
> subsequent to the first.
> * Make a big deal of things. Three of our most successful meetings were:
>    * Van Wyk Moderating a Penetration Testing panel: Boutique vs. SaaS vs.
> Tool (AppScan Std)
>    * "Bring your Boss to OWASP Day": Better food, conversation w/ CISO
> about what he wants to hear, & Q&A
>    * Free hands-on training on a SAST tool. 4hrs to tinker.
>  [Community]
> * Provide 30-60 minutes for member mixing/conversation / meeting
> * Solicit and cajole 2-3 "Fire talks" / meeting: 5 min "I'm [Me] and
> here's what I'm working on..."
> * When you fly OWASPers out, make sure you take time to:
>    * Spend time with them as people/humans;
>    * Collaborate, to the extent possible, with the org. you come from.
> Hopefully, these thoughts tickle some ideas you might have been thinking
> about for your own chapters.
> -jOHN
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> On Thu, May 9, 2013 at 5:27 PM, John Wilander <john.wilander at owasp.org>wrote:
>> Hi leaders!
>> As of this week's chapter meeting in Stockholm I am no longer co-leader
>> of OWASP Sweden. Upcoming work changes are the primary reason for this
>> decision. But after nearly six years it feels good to leave a spot open for
>> someone new. And there are excellent people still running the show in
>> Stockholm with the two remaining co-leaders Mattias and Robert as well as a
>> local board.
>> It's been a great journey. My two peaks were as chair of the OWASP AppSec
>> Research conference in 2010 and as organizer of the Browser Security track
>> at the OWASP Summit 2011.
>> OWASP Sweden has since the start in 2007 spawned into two sibling
>> chapters – Stockholm and Gothenburg – and the joint chapter mailing list
>> has a whopping 943 members. I'd like to thank all the speakers we've had
>> through the years. Some are on this list.
>> I will stay in the OWASP community, at least as leader of OWASP 1-Liner (
>> http://1-liner.org/). My family's plan is to relocate to California next
>> year so I'll probably turn up at a local chapter there further on.
>> Thanks for all the support, knowledge, and geekery (so far)!
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