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Samantha Groves samantha.groves at owasp.org
Wed May 8 17:22:46 UTC 2013

Hello Leaders,

This is a follow up e-mail with detailed information on the topics
discussed on yesterday's call. Here you can find the background to the
project, OWASP's potential involvement, and where we currently are in our
planning and logistics. See below for more details.


The European Commission (EC) has many grant opporutnities available for
organisations willing to take part in research work that is inline with the
Commissions strategic objectives for the region. This particular grant
opportunity will focus on Trusted E- Services Research, and we will be
focusing on objective 4.1: Protection of Websites Against Attacks.

This grant opportunity was presented to Seba and I via Ulrich Seldeslachts,
CEO of LSEC (Leaders in Security) based in Belgium. He asked us if we would
like to partner with him along with a handfull of other European
organisations. Seba and I have since been working towards planning the
logistics of our participation in this initiative. **
*Focus and Outcome of Grant*


This Pilot will build on exisitng research and support efforts in Europe in
order to support and provide assistance for website administrators and
business owners as well as for their CERTs to protect their websites and to
prevent and mitigate attacks. It will test and validate the use of
innovative detection and mitigation approaches for infected websites and
sustainable defence mechanisms for website users.

Expected Impact

Better protection of business and website owners against cyber-attacks
against their websites, affecting their business and reputation and
reducing the risk of spreading malware.

Increasing the security of users and consumers by reducing the security
threats created by malicious websites.

OWASP Involvement in the Project

The entire project will be managed by one of our grant partners, and OWASP
will manage the work/tasks related to Work Package 2. The current project
plan outlines 8 Work Packages, and OWASP is scheduled to be a part of Work
Packages 1-3 with different levels of involvement. Our OWASP Projects will
begin their work during Work Package 2. We will be involved in discussions
during Work Packages 1 and 3. *


Potential Grant Award

The grant award is intended to support a pilot for up to


2.5 Million Euros to be split among the partners depending on their level
of involvement and expense. OWASP has currently been allocated €

250,000. The only catch is that any funds given to us via this grant, must
be matched by the awarded organisation. For example, if OWASP spends $4,000
on design services for the month of April, the grant will pay $2,000 and
OWASP must pay the remaining $2,000.
In essence, if we win this grant with the help of our partners, we stand to
double any monetary contributions we put into this initiative for our


* *


*What we need from Leaders by Thursday*


*We need our project leaders and contributors to let us know if they are
interested in participating in this initiative. We also need to know what
they would like to use these funds for. What do you want to accomplish with
your project? If we are awarded these funds, what would you do with it to
help your OWASP Project? *


*We, of course, have to stay within the focus area of the grant topic.
Nevertheless, we require a starting point from our Leaders so we can then
modify the deliverables to fit the focus of the grant topic, if needed.
Please have your decision and thoughts to us by Thursday at the latest as
our proposal will be delivered by Friday. *

I hope this helps. Let me know if you have further questions or concerns.

Cheers now, All.

Sam G.


*Samantha Groves, MBA*****

*OWASP Projects Manager*


The OWASP Foundation

Arizona, USA

Email: samantha.groves at owasp.org

Skype: samanthahz

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