[Owasp-leaders] OWASP Top Ten 2013 Wiki Version

Dave Wichers dave.wichers at owasp.org
Mon Mar 18 20:23:58 UTC 2013

Jim and everyone,


Hold on please. Please do not just make edits to the wiki and expect they
will be picked up in the Top 10 doc. The PPT we use to create the Top 10 is
considered the master, and the wiki version has been created to make it
easier to view/search on the internet. If you make direct changes to the
wiki, it may not get noticed and included in the Top 10 doc.


I know this is not how many OWASP projects work, but that's how we've done
the Top 10 in the past and plan to do so for at least this next release. We
may change the development process for the Top 10 in the future, but have
not done so yet, so for now, the wiki is NOT the master for the Top 10, the
doc itself is.


People have noticed minor editorial issues and sent them to me directly
already, and I have updated the doc that I have so those changes will be
reflected in the final release. People have also noticed some issues in the
wiki version and Neil has been addressing them as they come in.


Definitely feel free to send comments and have discussions like we've been
having for the past month+.




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The upcoming 2013 OWASP Top Ten has been converted to Wiki:




If you have something to say or add, now is the time. Your community
contributions to the 2013 OWASP Top Ten are critical! Please dive in!




Jim Manico


(808) 652-3805

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