[Owasp-leaders] Help needed in ODZ Multi CMS Project

Azeddine Islam Mennouchi azeddine.mennouchi at owasp.org
Tue Mar 5 08:28:54 UTC 2013

Hello Leaders,
I'm working on a The OWASP ODZ MultiCMS Scanner because we are already late:
as a first step we are going to implement a vulns. scanner for Joomla and
wordpress in the same time
I'm a little bit confused what method we are going to do scan for vulns.

as a 2nd step we are going to implement a framework for pentesting (more
like metasploit) and I need ideas in this field

Regards Islam,

Islam Azeddine Mennouchi
Consultant at NovaSup
OWASP ALGERIA Chapter Leader
phone n°: +213796314102
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