[Owasp-leaders] OWASP Canada - meta-chapter activities

Zac Fowler zfowler at unomaha.edu
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In Omaha we've been recording our sessions using Google Hangouts "On Air" feature.  This gives us a live presentation which many more than 10, and then the presentation drops right into our OWASP Omaha youtube channel.  We can edit from there as needed.  We're still getting are presentation hardware figured out, but otherwise it works very well.

We have not done our hangout as an interactive workshop yet, only as a lecture format presentation.  We may explore that area if we get a lot of interest.

Note from G+ Hangouts FAQ:
"Hangouts are limited to 10 video conference participants, with no time limit. You can also use Hangouts On Air to broadcast a hangout to many more people, though there is still a limit of 10 active participants." [emp added]

Hope this helps!!


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Hi Leaders,
Here in Vancouver, and in some other communities in Canada we have had challenges attracting speakers and hosting regular meetings.  As a result several of the chapter leads in Canada met this week to propose a meta-chapter meeting that will be presented online.  We have a speaker lined up, and are settling in on dates, and then will start working on the technical hurdles to handle broadcasting the event.

Does anyone have experience with this format?  Any suggestions on services to use?  Google Hangouts and Skype both appear to have limitations of 10 people per session.  Ideally we would like to host the event in multiple cities with physical locations for attendees, but engage anyone interested in OWASP in remote communities as well.
PS - the intention is to record the session, and make it available for anyone to watch online.  Is there an OWASP Channel on YouTube?  Do we have any people proficient in managing youtube channels to make this awesome?

Yvan Boily
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