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Dennis Groves dennis.groves at owasp.org
Thu Jun 6 19:09:27 UTC 2013

Hello All,

We should be removing bureaucracy not creating it. The money is there 
for the purposes of *enabling* the community.

We have two issues that should be kept very separate:

1) Are the chapters (need a plan) willing to foot the bill to hire a 
conference director? I think most chapters would be willing to 
participate in this because it is so vital to the communities continued 

2) Do we want to change the policy on the split between the chapters and 
the organisation? I don't think we are ready to tell a good story about 
how and why we should do this; unless it looks a great deal like what 
Dinis proposed.  More thinking needs to be done, before we open this up 
for wider discussions.



On 6 Jun 2013, at 7:56, Dinis Cruz wrote:

> I think the solution is to create a chapters generic fund (maybe with 
> 50% of the current available funds to kickstart it) and let any 
> chapter leader use those funds
> This would solve just about all current probs.
> We should run this for 6/12 months and see what happens
> My only question is if this should also include all project leaders of 
> if we need a similar 'generic fund' for Projects
> I don't really care about the percentages, the whole point of this 
> idea was to empower the OWASP leaders to ACT, to experiment, to 
> create, to deliver.
> The available money should go to who wants to spend it.
> And since all expenses are done in an open way, we will very quickly 
> create a list of 'ok, lets not do THAT again' :)
> Dinis Cruz

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