[Owasp-leaders] Leaders Registration for AppSec Research EU 2013

Kai Jendrian kai at owasp.org
Thu Jul 18 17:24:46 UTC 2013

Dear Leaders,

I promised to provide the missing training discount code. Here it comes:

*Leader_Training_JAVA_WEB* (Christian Schneider)

Best Regards,

2013/7/16 Kai Jendrian <kai.jendrian at owasp.org>

> Dear Leaders,
> in case you didn't notice Sarahs email in which she mentioned the discount
> code for registration to AppSec Research EU 2013 in Hamburg:
> All chapter and project leaders on this list are eligible to register to
> the conference with the discount code:
> *Project_Leader*
> *Chapter_Leader*
> Please use these codes responsibly in OWASPs spirit.
> For each training there are two free seats for leaders. Please use the
> appropriate discount codes here (the codes are applied first come first
> serve):
> *Leader_Training_Mobile_Coding* (Jim Manico, Eoin Keary) *
> Leader_Training_SAP_ABAP* (Frederik Weidemann) *Leader_Training_MDSec*(Marcus Pinto)
> *Leader_Training_Mobile_Hacking* (Hemil Shah) *
> Leader_Training_Mobile_Securin* (Dave Wichers) *
> Leader_Training_Tactical_Defen* (Christian Bockermann) L*
> eader_Training_DP_JAVA* (Tiago Teles) *Leader_Training_DP_PHP* (Paco Hope)
> *Leader_Training_CISO *(Tobias Gondrom)
> We are looking forward to seeing you in Hamburg!
> Best Regards,
>       .kai
> PS: I will provide the code for Christian Schneiders training once I got
> it.
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