[Owasp-leaders] Leaders Registration for AppSec Research EU 2013

Kai Jendrian kai.jendrian at owasp.org
Tue Jul 16 14:11:14 UTC 2013

Dear Leaders,

in case you didn't notice Sarahs email in which she mentioned the discount
code for registration to AppSec Research EU 2013 in Hamburg:

All chapter and project leaders on this list are eligible to register to
the conference with the discount code:


Please use these codes responsibly in OWASPs spirit.

For each training there are two free seats for leaders. Please use the
appropriate discount codes here (the codes are applied first come first

*Leader_Training_Mobile_Coding* (Jim Manico, Eoin Keary)*
Leader_Training_SAP_ABAP* (Frederik
Weidemann)*Leader_Training_MDSec*(Marcus Pinto)
*Leader_Training_Mobile_Hacking* (Hemil Shah)*Leader_Training_Mobile_Securin
* (Dave Wichers)*Leader_Training_Tactical_Defen* (Christian Bockermann)L*
eader_Training_DP_JAVA* (Tiago Teles)*Leader_Training_DP_PHP* (Paco
*(Tobias Gondrom)

We are looking forward to seeing you in Hamburg!

Best Regards,


PS: I will provide the code for Christian Schneiders training once I got it.
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