[Owasp-leaders] Copyright Registration for Computer Programs - US Copyright

Yiannis Pavlosoglou yiannis at owasp.org
Mon Jul 8 19:48:48 UTC 2013

Hi all,

In investigating the filing for copyright registration in the other side of
the pond for computer programs, I have stumbled across a number of
interesting quotes.

These can be found at circa 61: http://www.copyright.gov/circs/circ61.pdf

Two Questions to the OWASP Leaders Mailing list:

• Has anyone been through this process before?

• Do you have any pointers for a newbie in this process?

Below the quotes relating to entirely new computer programs.

Thank you in advance!



Entirely new computer programs

•  First 25 and last 25 pages of source code with portions

containing trade secrets blocked out, or

• First 10 and last 10 pages of source code alone, with no

blocked out portions, or

•  First 25 and last 25 pages of object code plus any 10 or

more consecutive pages of source code, with no blockedout portions, or

•  For programs 50 pages orlessin length, entire source

code with trade secret portions blocked out
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