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Konstantinos Papapanagiotou Konstantinos at owasp.org
Mon Feb 25 14:19:58 UTC 2013


I've been witnessing the recent transition from the "Global Committees" to
the "Global Initiatives" with mixed emotions: enthusiasm as we are setting
new grounds for volunteer contribution but also skepticism as the
committees provided some formal structure that was more or less useful both
for handling internal requests but also regarding how we look to the
outside world. I've discussed my thoughts with a few of you IRL but allow
me to focus on some educational issues:

I've been following the works of the global education committee for some
time now, contributing in some projects (e.g. academies, uni challenge,
etc.) as much as I can. Even though I wasn't a member of the committee, I
have to admit that we could have done more and the committee could have
functioned in a more active way. On the other hand, resolving the committee
because it wasn't working in the best possible way is not the best solution
in my opinion. To cut a long story short I believe that there should be at
least an "OWASP Educational liaison" role, responsible to handle all issues
that have to do with universities, academia, training, etc. Such a role,
whether voluntary or paid (that's another discussion) would be, for
example, responsible for:
- Establishing and expanding the "Research" nature of the AppSec
EU-Research conference.
- Establishing and leading the university challenge in all global AppSec
conferences and possibly in some key regional ones.
- Promote OWASP at universities and in academia. Expand OWASP university
- Be a single point of contact for inquiries from research, universities
and academia.
- Lead or [project] manage the academies portal, one of the main goals of
which is to create OWASP-branded educational material.
- Lead and organize training initiatives.
- Expand student chapters which have been quite successful up to now.

In my opinion such responsibilities cannot be easily accommodated by the
Initiatives. In any case we need a single point of contact that can handle
educational-related inquiries. During the last few weeks I've seen at least
3 similar e-mails in the leaders list, asking for help in educational
issues but practically not getting a reply.

I'd like to hear some feedback on this and also what you are all thinking
about it.

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