[Owasp-leaders] OWASP iGoat version 2.0 launching shortly

Kenneth R. van Wyk ken at krvw.com
Thu Feb 21 15:36:39 UTC 2013

Forwarded from the iGoat mailing list, FYI...


OWASP iGoat mailing list:

HUGE thanks to iGoat lead developer, Sean Eidemiller -- iGoat version 2.0 is nearing completion. My plan is to formally launch it in 2 weeks at SecAppDev (http://secappdev.org) in Belgium.

Version 2.0 brings with it numerous major platform improvements, including:

- Full-screen iPad-specific views with support for both landscape and portrait layout.
- Transition to storyboards for navigation.
- Transition to ARC for memory management.
- Significant code cleanup.

I'm especially happy that it'll be a true Universal app, so it will build and run natively on iPad and iPhone platforms (and iPod Touch...). That should make it even easier for folks who want to use iGoat in a classroom environment.

The storyboard and ARC improvements are also important "under the hood" improvements to make things run smoother -- and to keep up with current iOS dev guidelines, of course.

If there's a down side to all of this, there's a slight additional burden on exercise developers. We'll now need to build user interface views for the different architectures, but that shouldn't be a huge deal for most people. 

And, if any of you are interested in building exercises and don't have access to (say) an iPad, just let me know and I'll gladly assist. I keep a pretty formidable "orchard" of iOS devices for various purposes, including a jailbroken iPhone 4 on 6.1 (via the evasi0n tool) -- great for being able to truly see the entire file system, which I've found invaluable for testing exercises and such.

On the topic of exercises, we're always happy to hear from potential volunteers. I have a short wish list for which I'd LOVE to see community participation. Just ask! You'll of course receive due credit for your work. Every exercise has a "credits" page that gives credit and thanks to our volunteers.

Ping me if you're interested -- ken at krvw.com.

Lastly, iGoat is hitting the road over the next couple months. I'll be at SecAppDev in March, as I said. But also Mobile App Sec Triathlon in New York during April and AusCERT in Brisbane Australia in May. If any of you will be at any of those events and would like to meet up and chat, just let me know.



Kenneth R. van Wyk
KRvW Associates, LLC
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