[Owasp-leaders] Flip bits, not burgers: Google Summer of Code 2013 is on!

Fabio Cerullo fcerullo at owasp.org
Thu Feb 14 11:33:44 UTC 2013


Google Summer of Code 2013 has been announced and I'm in the lookout for
some volunteers to form the OWASP GSOC Team:


Specifically, I'm looking for:

Mentors, ideally OWASP project leaders or heavily involved in the
development of a project who would like to take onboard some students to
train them and build up that missing functionality or API in your codebase.

Translators, to help in the translation of materials already provided by
Google to different languages so we could spread out the word about GSOC to
a wider audience.

Connectors, that could contact universities and third level institutions
around the world and recruit students to work on OWASP projects.

Graphic designer, who could come up with a snazzy looking OWASP GSOC logo.

Any questions, just ping me.

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