[Owasp-leaders] IOS Pen-Testing

Azzeddine Ramrami azzeddine.ramrami at owasp.org
Wed Feb 13 08:33:33 UTC 2013

According to error trace the armv7 is not supported or lib not installed.
From: Ala'a Mubaied
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Subject: [Owasp-leaders] IOS Pen-Testing


during a penetration testing for an application on my iphone,

I have tried the following command in the application,
*$ otool -f MyApp -arch armv7

but it does not seems to be working it gives the following,

otool -f MyApp -arch armv7
otool: unknown architecture specification flag: -arch armv7
otool: known architecture flags are: any little big ppc64 x86_64 ppc970-64
ppc i386 m68k hppa sparc m88k i860 veo arm ppc601 ppc603 ppc603e ppc603ev
ppc604 ppc604e ppc750 ppc7400 ppc7450 ppc970 i486 i486SX pentium i586
pentpro i686 pentIIm3 pentIIm5 pentium4 m68030 m68040 hppa7100LC veo1 veo2
veo3 veo4 armv4t armv6 armv5 xscale
Usage: otool [-fahlLDtdorSTMRIHvVcXm] <object file> ...

seems the problem with *armv7.. *however the following command gives the

*otool -l **MyApp** | grep crypt*
 cryptoff  8192
 cryptsize 7393280
 cryptid   1

could you please help me figure out whats the issue here ?

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