[Owasp-leaders] EU Cybersecurity plan to protect open internet and online freedom and opportunity

Colin Watson colin.watson at owasp.org
Sat Feb 9 14:00:12 UTC 2013


Of course - I was just helping make sure you write a long blog post!
Real statistics are difficult to get hold of, and if France has some
useful data on incidents, it would be good to know.

Best regards


On 9 February 2013 13:47, Ludovic Petit <ludovic.petit at owasp.org> wrote:
> Hi Colin,
> It's related to hacking of networks/apps and data Privacy.
> In fact, EC and btw lots of member states such as France for instance,
> focus now and more and more on Data Privacy... through the evolving
> remaining legal arsenal that aims to reinforce constraints about protecting
> networks and (sensible) infrastructures.
> I'll give you an update this evening with a pragmatic example, dated 2007 if
> my memory serves me well,  taken from UK and the House of Lords about
> 'Dev/Sw makers held liable for code?'. you guys will quickly understand the
> perspective and why I sent this post, because Owaspers have to keeo a sharp
> eye on tjis legal matter as well.
> Le 9 févr. 2013 14:34, "Colin Watson" <colin.watson at owasp.org> a écrit :
>> Hi Ludovic
>> On 9 February 2013 13:29, Ludovic Petit <ludovic.petit at owasp.org> wrote:
>> > mandatory disclosure delay about breaches/incidents in France is... 24
>> > hours
>> Interesting. Breaches of exactly what?
>> Law/regulation/confidentiality/integrity/availability/etc? Is there a
>> minimum threshold (e.g. seriousness of event) for reporting?
>> And more importantly, are there any available data on the
>> number/frequency/size/cause of these mandatory disclosures?
>> Colin

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