[Owasp-leaders] K-12 social media

Jason Johnson jason.johnson at owasp.org
Sat Feb 9 02:27:27 UTC 2013

Dear Owasp,

I have been asked by several concerned parents at the surrounding schools
here in Oklahoma using a public website called mybigcampus.com I'm trying
not to be bias being a dad. However the claimed site raises a security
eyebrow when the schools toss around the word security like the new pink. I
know you can loginto this site and they use twitter and Facebook API, and
Facebook comments that 13yr is the age to have an account anything else is
against TOS. Letting small children on a social media injected site at ages
K - 12 raise concerned parents at the young ages. I thought that if any
good advise to be had would come from you all. I think if anything they
should know that SECURITY on a school level should be tested and monitored.

I know as much about mybigcampus.com as someone browsing the site and
godaddy selling them the domain.

As always, much love

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