[Owasp-leaders] Latest presentation deck about OWASP?

Tobias tobias.gondrom at owasp.org
Thu Aug 29 09:15:24 UTC 2013

Hey Antonio,

I had this situation many times.
And I might have a slide deck for this, though my solution might not
exactly be what you are looking for:
- "Managing Web & Application Security with OWASP -- bringing it all
It's a 45 minute appetizer presentation about which projects are useful
/ quick-wins from the perspective of corporates and ISV companies.
Note: I normally do the basic "Who is OWASP" verbally in 3 minutes at
the beginning: ...., global non-profit org with lots of members and
projects, ... - you know the drill.
And then the presentation. Gave that presentation multiple times and
corporate people liked it quite a bit. We also used it as the opening
keynote for the OWASP day of the EUtour2013 in London.
Here is the stuff:
- Slides:
- Video from the talk at the London OWASP Day in July:

If you like the deck or have questions, just drop me a note or ping me
on skype and I will be happy to answer any questions and send you the pptx.

All the best, Tobias

Ps.: I also have a half-day version.

Tobias Gondrom
OWASP London Board
OWASP CISO Survey Project Lead
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On 29/08/13 09:43, AF wrote:
> Hey leaders,
> This afternoon I will be presenting OWASP at a local but not that
> small company, as part of the chapter's Meet OWASP program.
> Un-fortunately, what was supposed to be a small and informal meeting
> with 2-3 architects who want to know how OWASP can help them turns out
> being a C-level gathering including architects and managers from all
> development units. This somehow breaks my pen and paper based plans...
> Question: where can I get the latest slide deck that gives an overall
> presentation of OWASP (foundation, activities, major projects,
> numbers, etc.)?
> Thanks,
> Antonio
> (sent with mobile, please excuse any excessive brevity or typo)
> --
> Antonio Fontes
> OWASP Switzerland, board member
> OWASP Geneva, chapter leader
> skype: antonio.fontes
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