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Tom Brennan tomb at owasp.org
Wed Aug 28 12:31:25 UTC 2013

Coming off the success of OWASP AppSec EU Research event, everyone is
full of energy - kudos to the EMEA TEAM for a job well done!

NEXT IS: OWASP AppSecUSA (http://www.appsecusa.org) -- the team is
happy to report that the event is on schedule to be amazing!!  During
this years North American event, the team has already arranged
multiple OWASP summit activities and related topics around the theme
of confidentially, availability and integrity of data protected by
software.  We are reaching out to you as a OWASP-Leaders  to crowd
source nominate and recruit additional members of the community to
have a dialog with the following moderators; maybe that person is YOU
or a colleague?

P1. Privacy or Security; Can we Have Both?
Moderator: Jeff Fox, Consumer Reports Magazine
Often confused with each other, security and privacy are both
interdependent (privacy generally requires robust security) and
sometimes at odds with each other (security may require sacrificing
privacy). While the public’s online privacy has taken a big hit in the
past decade, it is at least defended by an army of public-interest
groups and legal experts. Meanwhile, to many, the public’s online
security often remains shrouded in technical jargon and barely present
in public policy discussions.This panel will explore issues such as
these: -When do security measures go “over the line” and begin
encroaching on individual privacy? -What privacy rights is the public
(or should it be) willing to trade for more security?- Online
anonymity gets a lot of lip service. Has it outlived its usefulness?
Political dissidents aside, is it now doing more harm than good by
shielding criminals while hardly protecting the average user?- Major
private and public institutions often fall down on the job of ensuring
either cybersecurity or cyberprivacy. What combination of
self-regulation, government oversight, and market accountability (in
the form of cyber insurance, auditing, and litigation) would most
effectively push them to better meet their responsibility to the
public and shareholders?

P2. Wireless and the Post-PC World: Security a Complex Situation
-Stephen Wellman, Editor-in-Chief, Slashdot Media
A recent survey from the CTIA finds that by 2015, more Americans are
expected to access the Internet through a mobile device than a PC.
While such growth represents a boon to consumers and a financial boon
to everyone who sells into such an ecosystem, it creates a complex set
of challenges. In this panel, a broad group of stakeholders weigh in
on the situation as well as offer best practices for security
professionals, software developers, apps developers and anyone else
whose job it is to manage security in the post-PC world where tablets,
smartphones and apps have blurred the categories between personal and
-Rick Farina, AirTight Networks
-Daniel Miessler, HP
-Devindra Hardaware, VentureBeat

P3. Women in Information Security: Who Are We? Where are we going? Why?
Moderator: Joan Goodchild, Executive Editor, CSO Online
-Dawn-Marie Hutchinson/Urban Outfitter
-Maryanne Davidson, CTO Oracle
-Valene Skerpac/Accenture
-Winner of Women in Tech Grant #1 & Grant #2 details:

P4. Security in Journalism
Moderator: Dylan Tweney, Executive Editor, VentureBeat
Cybersecurity is more important than ever to the news media. Hacks
directed at media outlets have ranged from the fundamental to the
sophisticated, but the damage has been uniformly significant. Not only
has the reputation of trusted media organizations been impacted,
billions of dollars in market value have been lost and the sacred bond
between reporters and sources have been broken. At the same time,
reporters are casting about for more secure ways to communicate with
their sources, given that e-mails and phone records can be subpoenaed.
In this panel, reporters, developers and other stakeholders describe
how security issues have affected them and discuss leading-edge
software and best practices to protect the newsroom as the 24/7,
real-time, global clearing house of the 21st century information
-Phil Zimmermann, PGP Founder

P5. Aim-Ready-Fire
Moderator: Wendy Nader, 451 Group
Software assurance in the past 5 - 6 years has emerged as the key
focus area for information security professionals. The C - suite has
recognized software assurance to be more than a hygiene problem as the
application security breaches have started making impact to the bottom
line of the companies. The international regulators are demanding
systems that are more resilient. The number and complexity of cyber
breaches keeps on increasing, there is no relief in sight, and that
probably keeps up everyone up at night.. lets talk shop shall we?
-Ajoy Kumar, Head of Application Security, UBS
-Elliot Glazer, CISO, Dun and Bradstreet
-Mahi Dontamsetti, Director and Head of Application Security, DTCC
-Thein La, Vice President and Head of Application Security, Sungard

P6. OPEN-MIC (we will be using (1) of these slots on the schedule for
Moderator: YOU
<Insert the topic, panel members and lets have that discussion>

Here are the FAQ items that you need to know

FAQ-1) Panel members will receive a FULL Briefing Badge to attend
AppSecUSA 20-Nov and 21-Nov

FAQ-2) OWASP is unable to pay a honorarium or travel expenses for any
panel member

FAQ-3) Appropriate a biography and photo available and will be
accepted by the panel moderator.

Do you have, are you the PERFECT PERSON or have a suggestion?

What are you waiting for…. take it OFF-LIST and pick up the phone,
send a email and cc: appsecusa at owasp.org to connect the dots and make
AppSecUSA amazing with content and community.


Bill Lessard
wlessard at prwithbrains.com

P.S. While visiting NYC don't forget to also explore the greatest city
in the world with family and friends  -


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