[Owasp-leaders] Sydney OWASP and the ~Content Creation~ Journey

Dennis Groves dennis.groves at owasp.org
Wed Aug 21 02:51:06 UTC 2013

Sweet, I love the 'old skool' hacking - back when I was a kid we had to 
reverse engineer, disassembling and debug our video games!

How about you and I work on putting it into the 
github.com/OWASP/<project_name> repository.


On 20 Aug 2013, at 17:28, Norman Yue wrote:

> Hi Internet-friends!
> The Sydney chapter is kicking off again, and to be honest, the 
> experience
> has been a bit hit and miss so far. The meetups thing only seems to 
> work
> when there's someone around to create and deliver content, and let's 
> face
> it, with people having day jobs and all, that's not always going to 
> happen.
> So we started making our own content: a month or so ago, I asked if 
> anyone
> else didn't know anything about Mac OS X reverse engineering and 
> wanted to
> learn. A few people put their hands up, and from then, we've been 
> having
> weekly meetups to work together on understanding fat binaries, Mach-O 
> and
> whatnot.
> This particular experiment has been an unmitigated success. I know 
> it's not
> technically "web" but it's ~content~ and has people interested, so 
> good
> enough for me - and I want to share it with everyone else.
> The source code is available at github.com/CreateRemoteThread/macosx 
> (is
> there somewhere I can stick it with an OWASP logo?), and the 
> overarching
> goal of the project is to write a (good/usable) Mac OS X disassembler 
> +
> debugger, and in the process learn heaps about Mac OS X executable 
> format
> and process stuff. It's a learning experience for all of us so please
> excuse the quality of the code, and I use emacs ("use" in the broadest
> sense of the term) so excuse the derp formatting. If any of you other
> chapter leaders, or your chapter members are interested in 
> collaborating on
> this, or would like more information, please do drop me a line and we 
> can
> work something out :)

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