[Owasp-leaders] OWASP PPTX presentation template - propose to change/revise

Erlend Oftedal Erlend.Oftedal at BEKK.no
Mon Aug 19 14:36:36 UTC 2013

My preference:
A standardized OWASP first page for every presentation. Can simply be an image, and can be customized for  conferences and chapters, but should shine through. Should allow room for title, event and speaker name.
Provide watermark version of OWASP logo, to be used in the corner of content pages. No company logo on every page etc.
Other than that it's, up to the speaker.

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Emne: Re: [Owasp-leaders] OWASP PPTX presentation template - propose to change/revise

Hi Tony,

actually I don't have a strong view on one or many templates. Personally, I do prefer a common template for OWASP with derivatives for the chapters, but in the end the most important thing for me is the content not the template (as long as it is OWASP). ;-)

However, I do care about that things are easy for new presenters.
And as we currently encourage people to use the latest OWASP template, it should be easy to use and future presenters should not first have to search, open and try three different templates from the past to find out which one is the most user-friendly.

Just my 5cents.


On 18/08/13 20:43, Tony UV wrote:
Why does there just have to be one? To Tobias G's point, access to the other templates I think should be used as needed by the leader/ speaker. I don't think in doing so, multiple decks creates a non-standardized image; most people don't care about the template design but the content itself, but in the spirit of simply focusing on the presentation and usability of the templates, perhaps different types could be managed with different simplicity/complexity (Biz Deck, Technical Deck, and a Chapter/ Con), all depending on the audience.

On Thu, Aug 15, 2013 at 12:38 PM, Tobias <tobias.gondrom at owasp.org<mailto:tobias.gondrom at owasp.org>> wrote:
Hello all,

not sure whether others out there share the same feeling, but I would like to propose to revisit and change our latest presentation powerpoint template.

The last few weeks I prepared a lot of OWASP presentations and took the effort to do everything with our "new" ppt template from last year. And I feel there are a number of practical design problems with our latest ppt/pptx template. So I would like to propose to revise it.

Just in case you are wondering which one I mean, this is it:
(btw. I noticed, quite a number of people are still using an older ppt design template...)

On first glance, the new design looks cool and modern, but IMHO it has a number of practical flaws that make it very hard to work with:

1. the title page:
the page has a dark blue background with a white image in the centre. So, if you write a title over several lines with white characters (as you are supposed by the template) on that, it becomes partially very hard to read (i.e. read white char on white background... ) - note: I experimented with various font colours, and none really works. Although red would work, but that is not a good font colour for a title page, either. So the key is to change the background image to something more homogeneous.
- the subtitle section is a problem, too. The grey font is equally not very good to read - though I totally get it why the designer chose grey - because you can't use white as half the background is white and you can't use black or dark font colour as half the background for the subtitle is dark blue) - so grey is a compromise, but hard to read on both. Again best would be to change the background image or shape.

2. normal pages:
the wave like design of the title bar looks cool, but:
- it takes a lot of space of the slide (much more than many other templates)
- due to the fact that it is mixed light/dark design, you can use for the slide title only the upper right corner, or you run in the same problem as with the title slide (light char on light background is impossible to read). So the space is very limited and you have to do multi-line titles which takes too much space from the slide.
The large curvy title bar on the normal slides also does not go so well with graphics (which then cut or overlay the design).

My suggestions are:
Make a design revamp. Either with small changes or complete revamp.
1. reduce or change the white "lock" image on the title slide
2. don't have large areas of mixed light and dark background if you have any text in front of it
2.1. make the title slide with less contrast (either all light colour so you can use dark fonts or all dark background and light fonts)
2.2. important: remove or reduce the wave curvy like design border on the title and all slides or make it much much smaller, e.g. instead of several cm difference, only maximum 1cm.
2.3. change the logo on the normal slides to no longer include the OWASP text, this can save a lot of space we can use for title space of the normal slides. IMHO: we don't need the text "OWASP The Open Web Application Security Project" on every single slide we have. The normal OWASP logo is enough.

Don't get me wrong: I can see that the design looks cool and fresh, but from a presenters perspective it feels very unpractical to me. And IMHO design needs to support function - not hinder it. Maybe we can keep a cool fresh design but still improve functionality with some moderate design changes.

After AppSecEU, there might be a good opportunity to look at the design and make some practical adjustments or changes.

Just my 5cents,

All the best, Tobias

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