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FYI if you are interested. I encourage all discussions to be in google
moderator or the governance list.

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Subject: Establishing an OWASP Framework for Corporate Involvement
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TLDR - We're tackling how corporations can sponsor OWASP items. We're using
google moderator to begin the discussion and gather information from the
community. Please help out!


*Action Request*
Since this is a complex topic with many subtopics I'd like to use google
moderator. This will allow a logical discussion broken down by major
topics. Also, others can raise additional questions for discussion in this


One of the large items that OWASP needs to tackle is a clear engagement
path for corporations that wish to work with OWASP (sponsor projects,
donate time, donate resources, pay for research, pay for X, etc). Without
structure we have situations where it is unclear how corporations can work
with OWASP. This results in loss of exposure of OWASP material, failure for
a corp to engage with OWASP and donate or sponsor materials/events and is a
missed opportunity to work towards our mission.

It is important that we decide where on the spectrum we would like corp
involvement and that we create structures to easily allow participation
within our values. If we can determine these guidelines for engagement then
we create a scenario in which everyone wins.

*Overall Process to Tackle This Issue*

1. Brainstorm over the next week with this list. What items are we
concerned about? What are examples of good paths for engagement? What are
items we want to avoid?

2. Take this information to the board offsite to help build an initial

3. Present the proposal to the community for comment

4. Iterate

5. Document and pass a clear engagement plan.


Michael Coates | OWASP | @_mwc
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