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I don't understand this appointment, is this the position that was
announced last week at OWASP's New Executive
is it a new role?

I was under the impression that all OWASP Employees were peers and

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On 12 April 2013 18:17, Michael Coates <michael.coates at owasp.org> wrote:

> Leaders,
> Please join me in congratulating Sarah Baso as OWASP's new executive
> director!
> During our interview process everyone in the board sat down and discussed
> this role with Sarah. We are excited about her thoughts and strategies and
> her performance to date on the operations team has been stellar. We're all
> very excited about her stepping into this role.
> http://owasp.blogspot.com/2013/04/owasps-new-executive-director.html
> *What does this mean for OWASP and our community?*
> Sarah will focus on leading the operations team to continued excellence.
> The operations team is our full time staff that makes the underlying engine
> run. They work with our volunteers, build awesome platforms, coordinate
> with 3rd parties, work on membership details, and integrate into all parts
> of OWASP. They are here to help elevate all of our community efforts to the
> next level.
> *How does the Board interact with the executive director and operations
> team?*
> The goal of an effective board is to establish strategic direction and, as
> needed, build or clarify policy items for the success of the organization.
> OWASP is a community of leaders and volunteers and in many cases the
> direction is organic. However, as your elected board we must make the tough
> decisions on where to focus funds and resources to best support the mission
> and community.
> Regarding the board and executive director relationship, the board has
> established Sarah to be the lead of the operations team. The board will
> continue to set larger direction items and entrust Sarah to build tactical
> plans on how to execute this within the operations team.
> *As a OWASP community leader does this change anything I do?*
> Not really, keep on doing the awesome things you have been doing. If you
> need to reach out to the operations team then please continue using our
> same methods as before (e.g. contact us form
> http://owasp4.owasp.org/contactus.html, leaders emails, etc).
> Blogpost that just went live below:
> http://owasp.blogspot.com/2013/04/owasps-new-executive-director.html
> The OWASP Board is proud to announce OWASP’s new Executive Director, Sarah
> Baso.
> The OWASP board had many different directions to consider for which type
> of candidate would be best suited for the new executive director role.
> Ultimately we felt that an individual with a passion for OWASP,
> demonstrated excellence, strong leadership and a desire for the mission and
> community was the best choice. To take OWASP to the next level we need an
> individual that can execute, seek out new opportunities for OWASP to grow
> and strategically leverage our resources. The fit for this role was one
> someone we already knew and trusted
> Sarah has been part of the OWASP operations team for the past two and a
> half years. She has played a pivotal role in coordinating global AppSec
> conferences, worked within the Global Industry, Chapter, and Conference
> Committees, and also was part of the 2011 Global Summit planning team.
> Sarah's educational background includes a Juris Doctor degree in law and
> she leverages this knowledge in many ways working for OWASP including
> contract negotiation and risk assessment.
> Prior to joining OWASP, Sarah worked as a practicing attorney, focusing on
> electronic discovery in large class action lawsuits. She also has worked as
> a volunteer English and computer skills teacher for English language
> learners assimilating into the United States.
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