[Owasp-leaders] OWASP Executive Director Role

Tim tim.morgan at owasp.org
Tue Apr 9 18:03:18 UTC 2013

I strongly support the idea of making the hiring process open.  That's
not to say current employees and the board shouldn't have a larger say
in the final decision, but we should all be able to observe the
details of the process.


On Tue, Apr 09, 2013 at 05:43:10PM +0100, Dinis Cruz wrote:
> I think it is great that a decision to add another resource to OWASP super
> OpsTeam (the employees) was made, but as I said many times
> before<https://twitter.com/DinisCruz/statuses/126805325058818048>
>  *I don't think that OWASP needs a CEO/ Executive-Director today.*
> For the record, I DO think that one day OWASP will need such position, but
> not today. At the moment, my view is that we should be adding resources to
> help our Projects or in managing the owasp.org website content.
> What we need are another Kate, Sarah, Kelly or Samantha, they still work
> FAR too much for OWASP and my worry is that they will implode one day. Not
> sure that they need a boss to tell them what to do, if anything I would
> delegate to them the powers currently 'assigned' to the Executive Director.
> That said, assuming that this hire will go ahead, can we please have the
> whole process done in a transparent and open way? And by that I mean that
> ALL details about this job should be done via the OWASP wiki (including the
> 'salary package'). We should also ask all candidates to apply publicly and
> to be available to answer questions from the OWASP leaders and members.
> Dinis Cruz
> On 9 April 2013 00:04, Michael Coates <michael.coates at owasp.org> wrote:
> > Leaders,
> >
> > I'm excited to announce the creation of an executive director position at
> > owasp. The motion was passed at today's board meeting.
> >
> > Here's the public post that went out today.
> >
> >
> > http://owasp.blogspot.com/2013/04/owasp-creates-executive-director.html
> >
> > OWASP Creates Executive Director Position
> >   OWASP is driven by volunteers and the contributions of thousands all
> > over the world. Behind the scenes there is also a group of dedicated paid
> > staff that focus on critical operations to ensure the OWASP engine keeps
> > running strong. This team has grown organically over the years as OWASP has
> > recognized the need for dedicated full time individuals to focus on
> > specific task items. In each of these areas we've seen great successes from
> > our staff.
> >
> >  As OWASP continues to grow we must also ensure our structure and
> > supporting operations team grows too. The next step in that growth is the
> > creation of the OWASP Executive Director<https://docs.google.com/document/d/1z4Pl7C-jbgtuV2nR-MaW2Rs-6u3RnC4RKNGCmUcX-zo/edit?usp=sharing>role. The individual in this role will lead the focus and resourcing of our
> > operations team to ensure we execute on our strategic goals each year. This
> > individual will ultimately be responsible for leading the operations team
> > to success and will report directly to the OWASP board. This role will
> > maximize the value our operations team provides to our community, projects
> > and the world.
> >
> > This is an exciting step forward for OWASP and a demonstration of the
> > continued growth of our community.
> >
> >
> >
> > --
> > Michael Coates | OWASP | @_mwc

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