[Owasp-leaders] Proposal: Remove all commercial/non-OWASP logos from OWASP.org

dan cornell dan.cornell at owasp.org
Thu Apr 4 13:42:17 UTC 2013

> The other reason Apache is so against project sponsors is the following:
> imagine if a bunch of volunteers worked on a project for many many hours
> and then a sponsor jumped in at the end and paid to have their logo or name
> associated with it. This is why Apache only allows conference or "global"
> sponsors, I believe.
This is a question that came up a couple of times when I was the chair of
the now retired Membership Committee. Organizations and individuals have
the ability to allocate a portion of their fees to a chapter or project.
Most allocate these to their local chapter based on who recruited them to
get involved but from time to time organizations would want to allocate
these to a project and want some sort of recognition for this. We were
always able to defuse these requests but didn't have a formal policy in

In general I think this discussion of moving toward an Apache-type model
has a lot of promise. One thing I would note, though, is that most of the
corporate supporters of OWASP at the current time are vendors looking to
target customers via OWASP. My impression is that Apache's corporate
supporters are less interested in the marketing aspects of the relationship
and more interested in community involvement and in improving Apache
projects for their own use. So if OWASP wants to move to a more
Apache-style model of recognizing project contribution there will likely
have to be a push to get more non-Vendor corporate supporters involved.
Which would be great, but is a thing that would need to be done. This was a
topic of discussion in the Membership Committee and would probably be a
great subject for an OWASP Initiative.


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