[Owasp-leaders] CFP / CFT now Open

Tom Brennan tomb at owasp.org
Mon Apr 1 17:22:50 UTC 2013

*Because Security is not a joke, today we launched the FULL AppSecUSA
website today:

*Website:  http://www.appsecusa.org*

*CFP/CFT Open*: April 1st
*CFP/CFT Closes:* April 30th

Acceptance Notification: May 31st
Conference Schedule Publication: June 14th

For AppSecUSA 2013 the selection process is based on a POINT SYSTEM and the
selection committee members I picked are industry people (non-vendors)


* Web Application Security – OWASP Projects that include everything from
language talks to exploits.

* Hardware – Including but not limited to: application bypass, hardware
hacking basics, and defeating “secure” hardware.

* Physical Security – Including but not limited to: badging applications,
lock picking, physical access control, physical lock forensics and long
range key duplication involving software.

* Forensics – Including but not limited to: application, physical memory
forensics, solid state disk forensics and network forensics.

* Infrastructure – Including but not limited to: SCADA, routing, satellite
and GSM.

* Android/iPhone/Windows Mobile research

* Reverse Engineering Malware and Malware Analysis

* Rootkit Detection, Techniques, and Defenses

* Exploitation Tactics

* Cloud Security / Assessing Cloud Security

* Legal Issues around EULA and related topics

* Industry Panels

*CFP/CFT Closes: April 30th*
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