[Owasp-leaders] Best advice on locating and scheduling presenters

Justin Searle justin.searle at owasp.org
Sat Sep 22 04:53:40 UTC 2012

No I feel dumb.  I was in Charlotte a month or two ago and failed to
offer to do a presentation for you.  I apologize.  I often try to
reach out to the local chapter and offer to do a presentation.  I'd
suggest looking for a security event taking place in the area (or
within reasonable driving distance), and asking one of the speakers to
present for you.  But those opportunities are often few and far

We've found that by simply having a monthly meeting (we meet the first
Thursday each month), and consistently doing something interesting
each month, people start getting it on their schedule and showing up.
Once you get a 20+ people coming, you start having more volunteers to
present.  We have a planning meeting every six months, and we usually
have 10 or so volunteers to present or do a workshop, so more than we
can schedule now.  Even if you have a few people, have a planning
meeting and discuss the topics you'd like to cover each month (or
quater), and see who volunteers to do one.  Even if nobody volunteers,
pick a subject for the meeting and show up with your laptops and learn
a new tool dealing with that subject.  Another option is to pick a
hackercon video to watch that night.  Remember, OWASP, DEFCON,
BlackHat, Shmoo, Derbycon, etc... all offer free videos a short time
after the conference is over.  None of us get a chance to watch them
regardless of our desire, so do it in a meeting once in a while.  Its
a great way to get a "virtual" presentation from a big speaker, albeit
you don't get your own Q/A.  ;-)

Hope that helps.

Justin Searle
Managing Partner - UtiliSec

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