[Owasp-leaders] Code review guide reboot

Ali Hussein ali.hussein at owasp.org
Sat Sep 1 12:47:07 UTC 2012

Count me in , but you have to guide me for what to do

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Hello leaders,
I'd like to get the code review guide rebooted.
Does anyone want to help?
First of all is to revamp structure and also identify parts of v1.1 which
need regrets (lots of it).
It's not a sexy as the testing guide but I assure you, you will learn lots
if you partake in writing some chapters.
I'd also like to focus on framework insecurity such as spring, zend, struts
etc. Also reviewing mobile code is also important.
If you feel like you would like to commit some hours to this please ping
me:) Thanks, Eoin.

Eoin Keary
Owasp Global Board
+353 87 977 2988

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