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William Stranathan will at thestranathans.com
Mon Nov 26 12:59:26 UTC 2012

I was going to call this "OWASP Help Wanted" or something like that, but
that probably would have driven folks to the wrong conclusion.

I'm a member of a chapter which went belly-up several years ago. During its
hiatus, I was asked on a number of occasions if there was a local OWASP
chapter, and so about 2 years ago, we rebooted the chapter. I was convinced
(and still am) that one of the primary reasons the chapter failed was
because we had nothing to work on (or so we thought) and there was very
little internal leadership to motivate us to work on something important.

Since the reboot, we've done a much better job of meeting regularly.
Quarterly is not often enough as people tend to forget between meetings
that we exist. So we meet monthly. We have a regular location, and a
president who does an excellent job of keeping notifications going and
maintaining the right relationships to keep us at our location.

But what we're still missing is a project to get behind. There's an OWASP
project that was started by one of the students in the local university
chapter, but at this point its maintenance is largely still done as
doctorate research.

Is there on the Wiki anywhere a "Help wanted" section or "open tasks" or
something? Anywhere from "REST Security cheatsheet needs work and to be
published" to "the software for this project is complete, we need people to
write documentation" to "we've written the software and documentation, now
need a video tutorial". While I believe that having larger projects is
important, I feel like a lot of folks in the local chapter are wondering if
we've accomplished anything - would be great to see if there's a
10,000-foot view of all the projects that are open that are close but need
a couple more contributors.


-- coleslaw
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