[Owasp-leaders] Use of proprietary software was SVG/AI/EPS

Tony UcedaVelez tonyuv at owasp.org
Sat Nov 10 20:21:12 UTC 2012

Well said DH. Completely agree. +1

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Hello Dennis.

I am usually quiet, as I do believe that everyone at OWASP is doing an
exceptional job. Emails such as yours cause me concern though. I have
been involved with open and free software as well as the general
movement for roughly twenty years. While I understand what you are
trying to do you also make it exceptionally hard for a community such as
OWASP to thrive.

Just to give you an example. With my work with Fink we had a contest for
a new Logo a few years back. The turn out was fantastic and I can
guarantee you that would have not been the case if we had required all
the professional designers which volunteered their time to learn a new
tool and install a software they do not know how to use.

We did require the designers to submit their work in a particular format
and they released all rights to their work, but that was about it. You
will never be able to convince someone that their established way of
doing something is not "compatible" with your world. I surf most of the
time using Safari, Firefox and others are installed however that is the
browser I use most.I am not going to change that for OWASP or anyone
else. Using Safari makes me no less suitable to contribute and help than
using Firefox.

In other words, be careful about pushing your beliefs onto others. You
can create in proprietary software and still make the result available
under a license that works for our community. No commercial partner is
going to change the way they do things for you unless you pay them for it.


Dennis Groves wrote:
> Cheers to all,
> I was drafting a blog post about this very issue, I will instead post
> this email message on my blog as it seems timely to express my opinion now.
> All of OWASP materials are licensed for community use. OWASP has
> carefully chosen licenses that ensure the community will always have the
> freedom to exercise a right to share, and remix those materials.
> However, many of those resources are created with proprietary software,
> or are in proprietary formats. This creates a problem because the
> community license is not exercisable by all members of the community;
> because we do not all have access to the necessary proprietary software.
> In our community I think we need to be extra careful to prevent this
> loss of rights. By requiring that work be done in freely available
> software, we ensure that everybody, everywhere at any time can exercise
> those rights and thus prevent the dilemma.
>   * Graphics should be done in GIMP; not Photoshop.
>   * Pagelayout in Scribus not Indesign.
>   * Libre/Open Office not Microsoft Office.
>   * Firefox not IE or Safari
> When we do not follow this principle, we deprive members of OWASP from
> exercising the very licenses OWASP choose to ensure the members of the
> community can exercise those rights. I further think we need to extend
> that requirement to our commercial relationships as well. When we do
> follow this principle, we ensure that people who follow us can exercise
> their rights.
> It is really sad that we have people who want to do things to make OWASP
> better, and we have given them licenses and empowered them with the
> authority to do so; and they are prevented from doing so by the use of
> proprietary software and formats.
> Cheers,
> Dennis
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