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+1 Tony.  Most of the open desktop software is subpar.

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On Nov 10, 2012, at 12:09 PM, Tony Turner <tony.turner at owasp.org> wrote:

Requiring OWASP'ers to use open software is in and of itself restrictive.
Shouldn't we have the freedom to create using whatever tools work best for
On Nov 10, 2012 12:53 PM, "Dennis Groves" <dennis.groves at owasp.org> wrote:

> Cheers to all,
> I was drafting a blog post about this very issue, I will instead post this
> email message on my blog as it seems timely to express my opinion now.
> All of OWASP materials are licensed for community use. OWASP has carefully
> chosen licenses that ensure the community will always have the freedom to
> exercise a right to share, and remix those materials.
> However, many of those resources are created with proprietary software, or
> are in proprietary formats. This creates a problem because the community
> license is not exercisable by all members of the community; because we do
> not all have access to the necessary proprietary software.
> In our community I think we need to be extra careful to prevent this loss
> of rights. By requiring that work be done in freely available software, we
> ensure that everybody, everywhere at any time can exercise those rights and
> thus prevent the dilemma.
>    - Graphics should be done in GIMP; not Photoshop.
>    - Pagelayout in Scribus not Indesign.
>    - Libre/Open Office not Microsoft Office.
>    - Firefox not IE or Safari
> When we do not follow this principle, we deprive members of OWASP from
> exercising the very licenses OWASP choose to ensure the members of the
> community can exercise those rights. I further think we need to extend that
> requirement to our commercial relationships as well. When we do follow this
> principle, we ensure that people who follow us can exercise their rights.
> It is really sad that we have people who want to do things to make OWASP
> better, and we have given them licenses and empowered them with the
> authority to do so; and they are prevented from doing so by the use of
> proprietary software and formats.
> Cheers,
> Dennis
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