[Owasp-leaders] Use of proprietary software was SVG/AI/EPS

Dennis Groves dennis.groves at owasp.org
Sat Nov 10 17:52:17 UTC 2012

Cheers to all,

I was drafting a blog post about this very issue, I will instead post this
email message on my blog as it seems timely to express my opinion now.

All of OWASP materials are licensed for community use. OWASP has carefully
chosen licenses that ensure the community will always have the freedom to
exercise a right to share, and remix those materials.

However, many of those resources are created with proprietary software, or
are in proprietary formats. This creates a problem because the community
license is not exercisable by all members of the community; because we do
not all have access to the necessary proprietary software.

In our community I think we need to be extra careful to prevent this loss
of rights. By requiring that work be done in freely available software, we
ensure that everybody, everywhere at any time can exercise those rights and
thus prevent the dilemma.

   - Graphics should be done in GIMP; not Photoshop.
   - Pagelayout in Scribus not Indesign.
   - Libre/Open Office not Microsoft Office.
   - Firefox not IE or Safari

When we do not follow this principle, we deprive members of OWASP from
exercising the very licenses OWASP choose to ensure the members of the
community can exercise those rights. I further think we need to extend that
requirement to our commercial relationships as well. When we do follow this
principle, we ensure that people who follow us can exercise their rights.

It is really sad that we have people who want to do things to make OWASP
better, and we have given them licenses and empowered them with the
authority to do so; and they are prevented from doing so by the use of
proprietary software and formats.



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