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Yvan Boily yvanboily at gmail.com
Thu Nov 8 15:19:54 UTC 2012

Hi All,

Although I was planning to do this once I had a chance to get all of the
docs and some of our proposed projects posted, based on Tim's FLOSSHack
post, I am going to do it now.  This isn't quite the same as what he is
doing, but has some of the same goals and is probably a good opportunity.

The security team at Mozilla is working on formalizing a bunch of our
engagement processes, and one of the paths for contributor engagement that
we are building is our Mentorship program.  This program is designed to
help mentors and mentees connect on goal oriented projects to help move
forward open source projects.  I think it is a good model, and it was
always our intention to reach out to other communities, and given that so
many of our team members are involved with OWASP, it makes sense for OWASP
to be one of the first we work with.

I am doing most of the leading and organizing work around the mentorship
program and there are three areas I am looking for participation:

- project ideas: all of the mentorship ideas are focused on areas that we
need to focus on, but I would like feedback on other areas that should get

- mentees: currently I have recruited 2 mentees, and I have 2 additional
that I expect to come on board by the end of the month; each of these was
recruited through some academic outreach work I am doing in my area, but I
want to extend this to the security community at large.  If you know people
who would be good candidates, point them in our direction and we will work
to get them on board!

- mentors: People who are interested in being mentors, either for a
documented project concept, or for new project ideas, or just have the time
to commit are welcome to engage on this as well.  So far I have only
recruited mentors from within Mozilla, but I am happy to extend that to the

It still needs some work, but many of the details are posted here:

Feel free to contribute ideas, even if you can't mentor, but make sure to
include your contact info so that I can reach out for clarifications if we
get someone interested.  The current project concepts are listed here:

If you want to participate on any level, let me know!

Once we hash out each of the practical details, I am happy to work with
other leaders to copy+paste this into a separate OWASP program as well!

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